Play Ball!

Posted by Santa Cruz Mid-County PONY Baseball on Mar 14 2022 at 10:30AM PDT

Thanks to everybody who helped out Saturday for interleague games with Santa Cruz Pony. Our first league game of the season is tonight with Guardians vs. Reds at 5:00 pm at the Polo Grounds.

A Message from the President

Welcome players and parents to Mid-County PONY baseball. This year is our 65th season serving kids and families in Santa Cruz County. We are looking forward to a fun spring baseball season.

Our league is unique in that it draws together players and families from Live Oak, Capitola, Soquel and Aptos. This allows kids who will go on to Harbor, Soquel, Aptos and other area high schools to meet, make new friendships and play ball together. In addition, we have some interleague games scheduled to play teams from Watsonville PONY both at Polo Grounds in Aptos and Franich Park in Watsonville.

The mission of Mid-County PONY baseball is to provide a safe environment in which to instill life skills including good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, respect and a sense of teamwork within the context of baseball. PONY is an inclusive organization without restriction as to race, creed, gender, color or playing ability. In making decisions, the Mid-County PONY community will put the physical and moral welfare of our players first.

Please understand our league requires the active participation and appropriate behavior by all of us – parents, coaches, volunteers and players. This is competitive baseball, however, we must all remember this is a game played by kids not professional ballplayers and keep it in the proper perspective. The kids need our approval most, not our criticism. Our coaches are unpaid volunteers – not professional coaches – who are kind enough to give their time to create a safe, fun experience for the kids. Be supportive and respectful. By this summer nobody will remember who won or lost these games, but hopefully lots of new friendships will endure for years to come.

See you at the ballpark!

Eric Bloom – President
Mid-County PONY Baseball